Historic Trophies

The Dartmouth Natal Day Races present several major trophies each year. These prestiges awards date back as far as 1923 and help tell the history of the races.

The Evening Mail Trophy was first awarded to the winner of the Dartmouth Natal Day 6 Mile Race in 1923. It has been won by runners you may of heard of such as Johnny Miles (1925), George Gallant and Bob Book. It has also been won by runners you may even know such as Robert Englehutt, Peter Beazley, Luke MacDonald, Rami Bardeesey and Greg Wieczorek in 2013.


Evening Mail Trophy


The William Best Bailey Trophy is awarded to the top female finisher in the 6 Mile race. The names of Pam Currie-Yarr, Janet Hoyt and Denise Robson appear on this trophy a total of 19 times. In 2013 the trophy was awarded to Lorraine Young, a runner visiting from North Carolina.