Placements for awards are based on GUN TIME. If you are a competitive runner in your age group, you should try to start close to the front of the starting line up.

Both the 2 mile and 6 mile race will recognize the top three male and female finishers in various age categories with a unique and attractive award that you’ll be proud to display:

2 Miler Age Groups:

Tykes (ages 4 &5)                                                Open   (all ages)

Mosquito (ages 6, 7 & 8)                                      Masters (age 40-49)

PeeWee (ages 9 & 10)                                         Sr. Masters (age 50-59)

Bantam (ages 11 & 12)                                        Golden Masters (age 60-69)

Midget (ages (13, 14 & 15)                                  Platinum Masters (age 70-79)

Youth (ages 16 & 17)                                          Titanium Masters (age 80 +)


6 Miler Age Groups:.

Junior (ages 18 and under)

Open   (all ages)

Masters (age 40-49)

Sr. Masters (age 50-59)

Golden Masters (age 60-69)

Platinum Masters (age 70-79)

Titanium Masters (age 80 +)

Awards will also be presented for the highest placing Dartmouth resident and for the middle of the pack runner.



A few of our 2013 Award Winners

_DM_0723                        _DM_0750                        _DM_0763 _DM_0780                        _DM_0791


A few of our 2012 Award Winners

_DM_0654                 _DM_0689     _DM_0684           _DM_0697